Building Your Family's Legacy

Owning a home is more than just realizing the American dream; it is also a blessing to the entire family. Home is where your children get ready for school in the morning; where meals are shared with family and friends. Home is where we wake up far too early on Christmas morning to a day filled with laughter and excitement. It is the sanctuary we return to in order to escape the busy-ness of life. In our homes we are surrounded by memories and the things we cherish; family portraits scattered throughout, treasures brought home with us from trips far away, the painting on the wall by the hand of a dear friend. When walking through a person’s home a story is told. Wordlessly, a home tells the unique story of a family; its legacy. Japhet Builders is committed to attention to detail, because we know that sometimes the smallest things can make your day a whole lot better. We are proud to work with you to design and build the home that fits your family’s needs; that tells your story, your legacy.

Our mission is the same today as it always has been since 1974; to help you build your family's legacy. At the end of the day, if Japhet Builders is only known for building beautiful new homes, we have failed. If we're remembered for helping you build your family's legacy, then we did our job and served your family's needs.

As a father and husband, I know the importance of the one-on-one time it takes to make a difference in the lives of my wife and my children. I also know that this applies to home building as well. Our commitment to our customers is to spend the one-onone time with them it takes for us all to communicate effectively concerning the many areas of new home construction and design. We are, and always will be, committed to one on-one attention, solid communication and being as flexible as possible when dealing with our customers' needs. These three principals have been an integral part of our success over the years and continues to separate us from other builders. Our team can help you tailor your new home to your family's specific needs so that your home becomes more than a house — it is your family's retreat. We can turn your ideas and memories into your reality and help you continue to build your family's legacy.

- Jeff Japhet, President


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